Company Profile

Juxun Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. ( Gainsil for short) is located in Zhangjiang high-tech Park, which is called "Silicon Valley" in China. Is a high-tech company focusing on the development and sales management of high performance, high quality analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. Products are widely used in: communication network, consumer electronics, multimedia, industrial control, instrumentation, LCD display, automotive electronics, wearable devices, Internet of Things and many other fields.

The core team of the company are from the top semiconductor design companies at home and abroad, with advanced technology and independent intellectual property rights, with unique innovative thinking and operation mode, semiconductor chip research and development engineering, manufacturing management, marketing and sales management channels have very rich experience; The partner of Gainsil is a world-renowned chip manufacturing company (TSMC Foundry + JMC Packaging test), which has first-class process technology and packaging technology.

Op amplifiers and Comparators
  • This series of products are widely used in: communication network, consumer electronics, multimedia, industrial automatic control, instrumentation, LCD displays, automotive electronics, wearable devices and Internet of Things and many other fields.
Analog switch
  • The products are widely used in mobile phones, PDA systems, portable systems, battery powered devices, computer peripherals, wearable devices and many other fields.
  • The series low-power, low-noise, low-dropout, CMOS linear voltage regulators operate from a 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage. They are the perfect choice for low voltage, low power applications. A low ground current makes this part attractive for battery operated power systems. The series also offer ultra-low dropout voltage to prolong battery life in portable electronics. Systems requiring a quiet voltage sources, such as RF applications, will benefit from the series ultra-low output noise (30uVRMS) and high PSRR. An external noise bypass capacitor connected to the device’s BP pin can further reduce the noise level.
Building A Future Solution
  • Instrument

  • Control

  • Communication

  • Medical care

  • Internet of things

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